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Al Ruiz Construction is a Mason contractor that specializes in all types of masonry construction including stone patios and stone or concrete retaining walls. From walkways to flower beds we are Mason contractor you can ... read more

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Fireplaces in Veterans Adm CA | Masonry Contractors | 818-83...Fireplaces replaced fire pits that were often build in the ground within caves or in the center of a dwelling. Once airflow and air venting systems were developed stone fireplaces became the norm from dwellings to castles. Veterans Adm CA Stone fireplaces need to be built by professional mason contractors to ensure they last a long time and to make sure your “fire” stays within the fireplace and that the smoke properly flows through the chimney. Mason’s can built both indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Fireplaces can be designed to burn wood, gas or even run on electricity.

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